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Local Claims

Should you need to file a claim on your local move, please contact us at the number below as soon as possible.

Once your claim has been received, you will be notified of its receipt and a Claim Adjuster will be assigned to you. Your Claim Adjuster will review the claim and, if necessary, contact you with further instructions and address any issues.

Please note that all damaged items are subject to inspection. Please do not attempt any repairs or dispose of the aforementioned item. You can provide further explanation of items or issues that are referred to in your claim.

For local moves originating in Corvallis, Eugene and surrounding areas please contact:

Kam Smith – (541) 754-0222

[email protected]

For local moves originating in Salem and surrounding areas please contact:

Anna Jones – (503) 393-2125

[email protected]

Please refer to the following guidelines from the Oregon Department of Transportation for further information:

                Should your move result in the loss or damage to any of your property, you have the right to file a claim with the mover to recover such loss or damage. Claims must be filed with the moving company in writing within 3 months from the date of delivery. You should, however, file a claim as soon as possible. Claim forms may be obtained from the mover.

                After receipt of your claim, the mover must:

  • Acknowledge receipt of you claim by notifying you in writing within 30 days;
  • Pay, decline, or offer a firm compromise settlement in writing within 120 days of receipt of your claim;
  • Notify you in writing of the reasons for any delay in settling your claim beyond 120 days;
  • Continue to notify you in writing of the reasons for the delay each 60 days thereafter until the claim is settled.

ODOT does not have the authority to settle claims but does enforce these time limits. The mover must send a copy of any delayed claim letter to ODOT. Contact ODOT if the mover does not adhere to these limits. The time limit to file suit against the mover is within two years and one day from the date of any claim disallowance received in writing. 

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