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Corporate Moving Based In Corvallis, OR

As a business professional, you understand that lost time is lost money. Dealing with relocation for your business or corporation can feel like a stressful task, knowing that any attention diverted from your operations could affect your bottom line. Bertsch’s corporate movers understand these delicate issues, as we strive to bring you quality service without having to slow or halt your productivity.

We work to ensure that your company’s transition is smooth and effortless, while maintaining the utmost care to keep your business running at an efficient level.corporate moving


In these times, we understand that one cannot afford to fall even one step behind. It is enough for a business to keep track of its staff, output, and all the daily obstacles that can arise. How can a business also handle the complex process of real estate negotiations or even the procurement of special financing for employees relocating to a new area? This is why we are here to help with our corporate moving services.

As a corporate moving service and as a business ourselves, we share your concerns and understand that small hiccups along the way can prove to be a major distraction. We bring you peace of mind and develop a trust so that you can be at ease as you make the transition to your new location. Yes, the trucks, packaging, and movers are here for you to use. However, we go beyond moving services to offer the most carefully planned and executed guidance. As businesses differ in their operations, you can count on Bertsch’s corporate movers to provide you with a personalized and custom moving plan.


We strive to bring you the greatest customer care. With Bertsch Corporate Moving & Storage, quality, affordability, and timely delivery are held together by a caring team of professionals that will stop at nothing to face issues with you and see your business through to a seamless transition. Look no further than Bertsch Moving & Storage for your corporate moving service needs.

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